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Increase engagement, signups and sales for your website, article or event with video comments.

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Manage all your videos in one place

Collect short videos up to 60 seconds long. Manage all community generated videos in the cloud. Share your discussions privately or publicly from your Vialog Dashboard.

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Video moderation

Approve videos, organise content and easily edit automatic transcripts.

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Email collection

Collect email addresses of video creators connect Human Intelligence into your CRM.

Grow all of your engagement metrics

Community videos grow all your engagement metrics. Expand organic site traffic with automated transcript SEO and increase dwell engagement time on your webpages with short, authentic, User Generated Content. You will build trust, brand loyalty and increase conversions.

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Instant Access

Works on all devices and browsers. No downloads, logins or registrations required.

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SEO Friendly

Automatic subtitles in 37 dialects drives you more traffic of the user generated content.

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Fully Customizable

Custom branding and discussion layouts. Available in 17 user interface languages.

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Engagement Dashboard

A simple home for all of your discussion setting, and video collection needs.

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Discussion Scheduling

Custom call to actions, controlled start & end times of your discussion.

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Engagement Tracking

System notifications of new video replies with custom email frequencies.

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