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Sziget Festival

"One of the major festivals of Europe. We have a 500,000 visitor each year through the one week programme. This year we used Vialog to support our sustainability efforts. We were recording messages of the visitors, how they would like to keep the SZIGET island clean and tidy. And it was a great success. We could really present the diversity of our audience through Vialog." Akos Dominus, Sziget, Sustainability Manager


A citizens’ climate forum brings climate discussions into the virtual sphere through demonstrating the importance of individual steps. Through a series of video-testimonies, people from around the world can share how they fight climate change.

Climate Positive Discussions

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Net Zero Emission Company

Reducing carbon footprint and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions.

Greenhouse gas accounting framework
The Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) is the most widespread standard to account for company emissions with more than 9 out of 10 Fortune 500 companies choosing the GHG protocol to report their emissions. Vialog also follows the GHG Protocol to account for its business-related emissions into the 3 scopes defined by the protocol:

Scope 1
: Direct GHG emissions from sources that are owned or controlled by the company such as company vehicles and gas boilers.

Scope 2: Indirect GHG emissions from the generation of purchased electricity consumed by the company.

Scope 3: Indirect GHG emissions that are a consequence of company activity but occur from sources not owned or controlled by the company.

Source: The GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard

Offsetting company emissions
While we realise that Vialog still needs to emit some emissions to provide its services, we aim to reduce our business' carbon footprint as much as possible and voluntarily offset company emissions making Vialog a Net Zero company since 2020.
At the end of each year, we compute our company scope 1 and scope 2 carbon footprint (the greenhouse gas emissions which we have control over) according to the GHG Protocol and purchase the corresponding amount of offsets through a certified Gold Standard project.

Gold Standard sets the standard for climate and development interventions to quantify, certify and maximise their impact -- creating value for people around the world and the planet we share.

Climate Positive People

Offsetting employee emissions inside and outside of work.

At Vialog we believe an organisation is only good as its people, so we have also chosen to make every Vialog employee climate positive by offsetting their entire carbon footprint inside and outside of work every year. This includes emissions from their home, personal travel, holidays, food, hobbies and more.

Specifically, we use Ecologi to make our climate friendly workforce.

As of April 2023, we have removed 31.26 tonnes of CO2e.

Offsetting Third Parties

Offsetting scope 3 third-party infrastructure emissions.

While companies can achieve Net Zero by solely offsetting their scope 1 and 2 emissions, Vialog goes a step further by also offsetting our scope 3 third-party infrastructure emissions. These are the estimated emissions from our cloud provider (Amazon Web Services) when customers and viewers around the world use the Vialog product.

All Vialog plans come with a Climate Positive Discussion promise where the carbon footprint of all discussion threads associated with a customer's account are offset at the end of each year. The carbon footprint of a given discussion thread Vialog is estimated using the following formula:

Discussion thread carbon footprint (kg CO2e) = base + videos*Ev + views*Es where:
base is the estimated carbon footprint of all cloud operations associated with the creation of a new discussion thread. [current estimate: 1.8 g CO2e per thread]
videos is the number of videos in a discussion thread.
Ev is the estimated emission factor (carbon footprint) of creating and hosting a single video on our cloud infrastructure [current estimate: 3 g CO2e per video].
views is the total number of views across all videos in a discussion thread
Es is the estimated emission factor (carbon footprint) of streaming a 1-minute video from our cloud infrastructure [current estimate: 0.6 g CO2e per view].

Source: Vialog's Climate impact, Sustainability and EDI monitoring and reports, commissioned by Innovate UK in 2021. As AWS targets to run its servers on 100% renewable energy by 2040, our formula is adjusted accordingly on a yearly basis.

One Vialog One Tree

Planting one tree for each new discussion on Vialog.

In 2021, we have launched our one thread one tree programme, growing a Vialog forest by planting one tree for each discussion thread created on our platform including free trial accounts. This gesture symbolises our commitment to building a long-term and sustainable company which we hope will encourage our users and other companies to make sustainability a key priority in their lives moving forward.

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