This is a step-by-step guide to add Vialog to your Wix website.

About Wix Integration

What you need:

What you get:

  • More traffic to your website using the SEO optimised discussions
  • Visitors spend more dwell time on your website
  • Higher engagement results in better business conversions
  • Up to unlimited amount of User Generated Content that can be safely moderated

Setup Wix Integration

1. Log in to your Wix website.

2. In your website editor, click the ✚ Add Elements and within Embed Code choose Embed a site.

3. Select Code. Paste the discussion code you generated on your Vialog Dashboard. Click Update.

4. Drag and drop the iframe where you’d like to show the Vialog discussion. Make sure that no other elements overlays your embed.

5. Publish your website. (If the embed shows with a vertical scrollbar, make the iframe larger and re-publish your website.)

Add Vialog into a Wix Embed Code

6. ⚠️ On your Vialog Dashboard, whitelist the domain for either this specific discussion or for all of your discussions under Settings: www-MYDOMAIN-TLD.filesusr.com.

If you Wix site is using mydomain.com then the whitelisted domain you need is 'www-mydomain.com.filesusr.com'.
If your Wix site is using a subdomain like wix.mydomain.xyz then the whitelisted domain you need is 'www-wix-mydomain-xyz.filesusr.com'

7. ⚠️ On your Wix Dashboard, go to Settings, and in the Advanced section click Custom code. Select All pages and Load code once and place the following code in the Body - end section:

Below you can see an overview GIF for step 7. Rest assured, you will only need to do this once for each Wix website.

Add the Custom Code to complete the Vialog integration for Wix

Support Wix Integration

Q:  Why is my discussion not showing up?

→ Most likely the domain whitelisting is missing. Go to your Settings to add your allowed domain. You can also whitelist a domain on the bottom of the Discussion Settings page of your relevant discussion.

Q: How can I change the language of the Vialog?

→ Go to your Dashboard to select your discussion, then under Discussion Settings you can find a "Language" dropdown. After selecting the language, save and publish changes and then either use Copy discussion code or the Share link with the updated language.

Need more help?

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