Media Futures

Reshaping the media value chain through responsible and innovative uses of data.

Project Overview

MediaFutures established a data-driven innovation hub, offering grant funding and support for startups and artists through three Open Calls.

By supporting 51 startups and 43 artists, the program fostered new synergies between entrepreneurs and creatives, accelerating innovation and contributing to high-quality media activities.

MediaFutures also utilised Vialog to enhance consortium communication.

Research Outcomes

Selected by MediaFutures' 'Startup meets Artist' open call, fakingNE.WS explored digital literacy and media integrity.

The project employed social innovation through educational campaigns and community engagement, aiming to combat misinformation and promote critical thinking. By leveraging the creative synergy between startups and artists, fakingNE.WS fosters new experiences in media exploration that are both entertaining and informative, ultimately enhancing media literacy and fostering a more informed public.

The project aimed to look behind the scenes of fake news and misinformation by bringing together a diverse set of stakeholders in interactive video discussions.

Created the world’s first threaded video discussions and an expanding online library of unique social video content about misinformation.

By publicly exploring and exposing the making of fake news, Vialog and Queenside Picutres facilitated awareness-raising on this subject.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement 951962.

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