Learn how campaigners use video to secure urgency to their cause.
Build campaigns for positive change that move people. Discover how petitions are using Vialog to add impact to their campaigns with the power of faces and voices.


"With Vialog we showed the public that hundreds of people make a stand for academic freedom here in Hungary. Doctors, senior citizens and many others uniting for a good cause. Those who wouldn't have had the chance to show their support in person if we weren't using Vialog... With Vialog it is only a minute to promote a more equal and just future." Listen to Enikő Tóth, Campaigner at aHang →


"We have given our members a statement that we wanted them to say. And we wondered how we could do this without members having to upload or download or just not make it complicated and not make it too much effort for either them or us. Vialog was perfect for that... We actually got over 140 responses which was more than what we've expected." Listen to Angelina Dobler, Campaigner at Campax →

Why use Vialog for Causes?

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Seamless Accessibility

Vialog works on any devices and operating system. Anyone with internet and camera can use it. The tool is available in 17 languages and video transcripts are auto-generated in 37 dialects.

Elevate Your Campaign

Give voice to your actions with video. Vialog magnifies impact of real people, turning faceless digital signatures into unique content creators, ensuring campaign visibility on both participants and campaigners.

Grow Engagement & Donations

Grow a unique video library. The auto-generated video transcripts drive new traffic using SEO. Videos increase engagement times. Unique social voices drive new signatures and future-proof revenue.

Robust Safety & Trust

Customizable safety settings ensure scalable moderation. The Dashboard provides full editorial and moderator control over every video submitted to your content library.

Dashboard for Causes

Easily integrate Vialog into your existing website, platform or app with a single line of code. Customise any discussion in real time from your Dashboard. Track key performance indicators such as traffic, engagement and conversion with enterprise level reporting and API.

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