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SZIGET Festival is one of the major festivals of Europe with 500,000 visitor each year through the one week programme. The "Tidy Campsite Pledges" draw 11K campsite visitors to the online competition during the festival.

What’s the issue?
Challenges in Audience Engagement and Sustainability at Festivals. Major festivals like SZIGET struggle with engaging their diverse audience and promoting sustainability efforts. Ensuring attendees keep the venue clean and maintain a sense of responsibility towards the environment is a priority for event organizers. Traditional methods of audience interaction may fall short in addressing these challenges.

Vialog’s solution
Vialog offers an innovative solution to engage festival attendees and support sustainability initiatives. By using Vialog, event organizers can collect video messages from visitors, showcasing their feedback, commitment and recognition of brand qualities. The Vialog tool embedded into festival assets such as their website and app facilitates seamless audience-generated content, allowing organizers to present the diverse audience and reach hundreds of recordings with ease.

“This year we used Vialog to support our sustainability efforts. We were recording messages of the visitors, how they would like to keep the SZIGET island clean and tidy. And it was a great success. Well, we could really present the diversity of our audience through Vialog. We could reach a few hundred recordings, and we were really happy of the results.”
Ákos Dominus, sustainability manager at SZIGET

Vialog's impact at SZIGET
Vialog increased awareness and commitment to sustainability at SZIGET festival.Implementing Vialog at SZIGET Festival resulted in a significant increase in audience engagement and awareness of sustainability efforts. Attendees recorded pledges to clean up their campsites, dispose of garbage properly, and responsibly handle tents and camping accessories. These pledges were displayed on the Main Stage screen, fostering a sense of community responsibility. 100% of the videos participated in the raffle. As a result, attendees committed to keeping the festival site clean, and organizers saw a successful integration of Vialog into their sustainability initiatives.

"We could really present the diversity of our audience through Vialog.”
Ákos Dominus, sustainability manager at SZIGET

Explore the example above to see how SZIGET Festival's "Tidy Campsite Pledges" campaign was brought to life with Vialog. Festival-goers submitted video pledges, committing to keep the island clean and tidy, fostering a sense of community and environmental responsibility.

To learn more about the positive impact that SZIGET Festival achieved with Vialog, click the "Case Study" tab.

The collaboration between Sziget Festival and Vialog resulted in a powerful, environmentally-driven impact.

Sziget Festival and Vialog brought about an impactful partnership, showcasing their shared commitment to environmental responsibility. Video pledges from festival-goers were featured prominently on the main Sziget stage, engaging the audience and encouraging more participants. Those who submitted their pledged had the chance to win weekly passes, creating excitement and motivation to contribute.

Sziget's brand values align seamlessly with Vialog's environmental commitments. Vialog is dedicated to environmental responsibility and actively takes steps to address climate change. As a Net Zero Emission Company, Vialog reduces its carbon footprint and offsets greenhouse gas emissions. The company also makes its employees climate positive by offsetting their personal emissions both inside and outside of work. Furthermore, Vialog offsets its third-party infrastructure emissions, ensuring that every discussion thread on the platform is climate positive. To showcase its commitment to long-term sustainability, Vialog plants one tree for each new discussion created on the platform, symbolizing its devotion to building a greener future.

PÖFF Black Nights, an A-list film festival, shows almost 600 films to 100,000 people every year. Vialog was used to redefine filmmaker and audience engagement, resulting in 750K video discussion loads and double the amount of videos year over year.

What’s the issue?
PÖFF faced the challenge of finding new and innovative ways to engage with filmmakers and audiences. The traditional Q&A sessions after film screenings were limited in their reach and did not provide a platform for continued dialogue between filmmakers and audiences. Additionally, attendees were often unable to attend these sessions due to scheduling conflicts or geographical constraints. PÖFF needed a solution to overcome these challenges and foster a more inclusive and accessible film community.

During the pandemic, the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, faced a challenge in connecting hundreds of filmmakers with their audience, who were unable to attend world premieres in person due to the pandemic. In order to maintain engagement and foster community around festival themes and topics, they needed a digital solution that would allow people to discuss films on the festival website using short video messages.

Vialog’s solution
Vialog's video discussion solution has the potential to bring a new level of diversity and engagement to film festivals. By allowing audiences to share their thoughts and experiences through timezone-proof video Q&A, festivals can foster a more inclusive community, reach new audiences, and create unique social marketing content. Video reviews allow for a more personal and human connection between festival-goers, filmmakers, and critics. With Vialog's help, film festivals can create a more engaging and interactive experience that not only benefits the festival-goers but also the filmmakers and distributors looking to expand their reach and connect with their audience.

“One of the things special about film festivals is connecting the filmmakers with the film audience... It's also great that you kinda broadened the audience - it's not just the film audience who fancy premiers or like the leading top end members of the cast but everybody can join the conversation.”
William B E Smith, international and industry communications, PÖFF Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

Vialog's impact at PÖFF
The use of Vialog's video opinion discussion platform had a significant impact on PÖFF's engagement with its audience. During the festival, more than 750,000 video discussions were loaded on the website and online cinema. This resulted in double the amount of videos by filmmakers and audience as compared to the previous festival. On top of surging filmmaker engagement, PÖFF was able to maintain its status as an A-list film festival with a strong reputation for fostering community engagement and dialogue between filmmakers and their audience, even in the midst of a pandemic. With Vialog, PÖFF was able to extend the video dialogue of a given film, helping it reach a growing and engaged audience beyond the festival's physical borders. With PÖFF, video dialogues fundamentally changed cinephil fanship and film marketing.

"More than 750,000 video discussions were loaded on our website and online cinema”
Rebecca Andreas, Marketing Coordinator, PÖFF

Thanks to the continuous innovations in Vialog's content creation solution, PÖFF has seen a significant increase in engagement with its audience, resulting in double the amount of videos by filmmakers and audience compared to the previous festival.

Dive deeper into PÖFF's innovative approach to audience engagement by reading more on the 'Case Study' tab.

The use of Vialog's video Q&A solution had a significant impact on PÖFF's engagement with its filmmakers and audience. Vialog allowed PÖFF to extend the dialogue around the festival's films and foster a more inclusive and accessible film community, even during the pandemic.

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