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The public broadcaster from The Netherlands generated 1 new video for every 100 reader leading to 240% more videos than text comments on pages where both features were enabled.

“We want to have a relationship and discussion with our readers. This is where the match is with Vialog.”
Boris van Bennekum, strategy and innovation lead at BNNVARA

What’s the issue?
The implications of currently trending audience interactions and formats are profound, leading to echo chambers and the perception of polarization.

67% of people in the Netherlands feel they lack the ability to have constructive and civil debates about issues they disagree on (Edelman Trust Barometer, 2022). To re-instate media as the fourth pillar in modern democracies, new forms of interactions need to be unlocked between journalists and readers to re-establish trust and create safe decentralised discussion spaces online.

How can we build trust in media? The key challenge for media organizations is how to engage new audiences in interactions with their content on their website in a world of increasingly centralized social media platforms while preserving the community’s safety.

Vialog’s solution
With Vialog, media companies can tap into their audience like never before. Vialog can engage and activate readers and help journalists collect thematic contributions cheaper and faster than any current alternative.

It connects media companies with their audiences directly on their own websites. To join the discussion, no app or registration is needed, ensuring equal accessibility. Only the videos that moderators approve show publicly. Collecting video messages without apps, downloads or schedules has never been easier.

Improving the engagement and interactions with their readers enables the media companies to explore converting their dependence on advertisers into other future-proof revenue solutions.

Vialog's impact at BNNVARA
During the data collection period (Q3 & Q4 2022) two key performance indicators stood out. First, Vialog has generated 2.4 times more video content than text comments on pages where both features are enabled, showcasing the potential for enhanced audience interaction. Secondly, Vialog also achieved a 1% conversion rate from passive readers to active creators, resulting in one published video for every 100 page loads on BNNVARA assets.

By utilizing our solution, BNNVARA has gained access to a faster, more cost-effective, and superior method for collecting high-quality user-generated content. Furthermore, it enables them to engage their audience in safe, meaningful discussions, helping them achieve their engagement goals.

During the custom enterprise requirement gathering and development period, the focus was on three major improvements: Dutch transcripts, live discussion updates to engaging viewers during live programmes, and API enhancements.

In addition to these advancements, Vialog has successfully increased the activation value of "BNNVARA Allies" which further contributes to our mission of providing media organizations with more traffic and better conversion by driving user engagement and generating valuable user generated content.

The public broadcaster from The Netherlands generated 1 new video for every 100 reader leading to 240% more videos than text comments on pages where both features were enabled.

“Especially online we are focusing on the interaction with our audience.”
Lydie Polak, team lead and product owner at BNNVARA

Dive in to this example above to witness how "BNNVARA Allies" were activated with Vialog. Fans submitted video comments to recognise the brand victory and send congratulations to Even tot Hier who won the Golden Televizier Ring award and Tim Hofman won two prizes: the Impact Award for the BOOS broadcast on The Voice of Holland, and the one for presenter.

To learn more about the impact that BNNVARA generates with Vialog, click the "Case Study" tab.

The public broadcaster from The Netherlands generated 1 new video for every 100 reader leading to 240% more videos than text comments on pages where both features were enabled.

The partnership of BNNVARA and Vialog was recognised by STADIEM (Startup Driven innovation in European Media) as a Next Generation Media solution.

STADIEM was a highly competitive programme, with over 350 applicants over its two open calls. Vialog was part of the top 9% who received access to this competition's Development Phase.

The Investment Committee of this competition included top media experts working independently and at VRT, EBU, Media City Bergen and Storytek. Vialog's 'motherhub' was NMA.VC.

The development of new enterprise-level features and operations were funded by STADIEM. The Vialog team is forever grateful for this recognition.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 951981.

Read more about Vialog on Stadiem

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