Science Communication

Outstanding science needs engaging science communication. Science projects use Vialog for disseminating their results and to engage with their stakeholders.

Discover how video discussions on scientific findings and practical implications engage stakeholders. Witness universities and researchers sharing best practices, diverse insights, and concerns in an evergreen, engaging format.


This science project received 3 times as many video questions as text questions from their stakeholders and boosted monthly unique website visitors by 12-fold.

To mark International Social Media Day on June 30th, Kevin Koidl from Trinity College Dublin and Pedro Jacobetty from University of Edinburgh answered questions from the public about the future of social media.


This project achieved a 3% conversion rate, turning passive viewers into active stakeholders by generating 3 videos for every 100 pageloads.

On the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity of Journalists on September 8th, Robin Ribback from SWISS TXT and Alexandre Ulisses from MOG Technologies discussed Citizen Journalism with stakeholders.


After the video opinion discussion, participating experts who met the qualification criteria were invited to share their research and isngihts on the same topic in a new book.

The rapid spread of misinformation on social media regarding cures and treatments of COVID-19 posed a danger to public health.

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