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No application or logins are required. Use your favourite device to join a video discussion.

No application or logins are required.  

You can use your favourite device.

Step by Step Guide

1. Find an awesome website that uses Vialog

2A. Tap the button on the first card to reply to the main discussion

2B. ...or you can directly respond to any individual video

3. Allow access to your camera and microphone

4. Click 'Start Recording' to record a max 60 seconds clip

5. You can redo and replay your video

6. Submit your video, once you are ready

7. Subscribe to get alerts when someone responds to the discussion

Frequently Asked Questions

How long videos can I submit?

Submit up to 60 seconds long videos. Use the countdown as a help during recording to check how much time you left. And here is a secret... There is a 10 seconds extra buffer time at the end of your recording.

Can I redo my recording?

Absolutely, you can rehearse as many times as you like, only the submitted videos are kept.

My camera is not working.

If you are using a desktop computer, make sure that no other programs are using your camera. It is also possible that your web browser does not have access to the camera on the website. For detailed technical help, please visit the Microphone & Camera Permission Support page.

How can I generate a great coverphoto?

The cover shot (the photo before video playback), is taken from the first moment of your video. Make sure that when the recording starts you are looking at the camera.

I updated the page, but my video is not visible.

Only accepted videos show publicly. If you have followed the steps above, your video has been received and the Host of the discussion will publish it soon so that it will appear on the website.

I don't see anyone else's video, why should I start?

While we recognise that being the first is hard, but rest assured, being the first has many advantages. Reach new people and get more video replies than if you were to lag behind. If you are the first to get published in a Vialog video discussion, we will plant a tree as a gesture of caring about both people and the planet. Learn more about the Vialog forest here.

Need more help?

Feel free to contact us, we are here to discuss.

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