Microphone & Camera Permission Support

If your camera is not recognised properly, this guide below will help!

Quick Tips

1) Make sure that your camera is not used by any other application

On some operation systems, only 1 application can access your camera at once. Make sure to switch off your camera in any other application that might be using it, before you load the recorder in Vialog.

2) Manually allow your browser’s permission

To re-enable your camera and microphone permissions on your browser, please look for the step-by-step guides in the "Browser Guide" below.

3) Try to use another browser or device

At some cases you might want to use another device to ensure access.

Browser Guide


Help guide to fix problems with web content > Use your camera & microphone

Re-enable your permissions in Chrome


How to manage your camera and microphone permissions with Firefox

Re-enable your permissions in Firefox


Change Websites settings in Safari on Mac

Control access to the camera on Mac

Re-enable your permissions with Safari


Manage camera access in Opera pages

Re-enable your permissions with Opera

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