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We have put together this FAQ document to get you started on your Vialog journey. If you still can't find exactly what you're looking for, please contact us.

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Community Managers

Is Vialog GDPR compliant?

Yes, 100%. You can read our Terms about it in more detail.Important highlights in relation to Community Managers’ data:

Important highlights for video creators and viewers:

  • Since Vialog does NOT do user tracking (fingerprinting), the analytics are based on anonymous browser loads and sessions and we cannot know or identify the unique users.
  • We make it easy for anyone to unsubscribe from any discussion updates any time.
  • You can read more about our Data Principles in our Terms or you can confidently contact Vialog’s Data Protection Officer at email.

What are the limitations of a free account?

You can publish 10 free videos to experience the power of Vialog.You can continue collecting videos beyond this limitation of 10 videos on your account, but you cannot view or publish them.For a complete discussion settings control and engagement enhancements you will have to upgrade to one of our paid accounts.

What engagement metrics do I have access to?

We have our own measurement system, which appears inside our tool. We are not doing anything outside of our tool. One session is when we are loaded on a page.

We collect some of the most relevant metrics: Unique Video Plays, Discussion Loads, Conversion rate (discussion loaded to video submitted).

If you are on the Unlimited plan, you can generate a secure "Developer keys" on the Settings page of your Vialog Dashboard to access all your data via API.

Does Vialog increase costs or load time of our website?

No. The embedded Vialog tools are using Vialog's own infrastructure for the full lifecycle of the videos. Vialog subscription costs include processing, storing and streaming of videos. Nothing is hosted on your server and your costs will stay the same. Loadtimes of your webpages using Vialog would necessarily load slightly slower then without, similarly to any of the top third party video players.

How secure is Vialog?

At Vialog, we prioritise security and reliability.

  • All data transmission occurs over HTTPS encrypted channels to ensure its safety.
  • While we don't mandate user authentication for video viewing and recording, we have implemented safety measures to protect against DDOS or similar attacks.
  • Vialog operates inside an IFrame, maintaining no direct connection with your website. As a result, our code and visual rules do not affect your website, reducing the attack surface and securing your site against potential threats.
  • Our APIs are designed to thwart most types of malicious attacks, ensuring the safety and security of your data.
  • We've optimized our tool for lightweight performance to avoid slowing down your website's loading time or user experience.
  • On our dashboard, Vialog customers can control which domains can display specific discussions, ensuring enhanced data security and privacy rights.
  • Our proactive monitoring solution allows us to promptly investigate any potential misuse and take immediate action.
  • Dashboard Access: Vialog clients can access our dashboard only after proper authentication. We follow industry best practices for authentication protocols, including support for advanced security features like MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication).

Is our website provider capable of hosting Vialog?

Yes. If you can embed a custom html code, then technically Vialog should work as easy as a copy-paste of code. We have created Integration guides. Please contact us if you need more help.

How much time will this take?

Setting up a new discussion takes around 1 minute. We strongly recommend spending some time adding the first video right away. The videos you will be collecting with Vialog can be 60 seconds long (and there is an extra hidden 10 seconds to close down the last thought.) Generally speaking, curating the submitted video content, including making some changes to the automatically generated subtitles will require you 1.5-2X times the total length of the content you are moderating.

Can I re-use the videos on other social channels? How can I download them?

We do offer video downloads and licensing. To set up exporting you need to have an Enterprise plan. If you are not yet an Enterprise client, please book a call with us.

Can I track where people come from (ie QR, Share link, Newsletter, Socials)?

Yes, you can with normal tracking referral web URLs ie The discussion load times are available via API calls and displayed on your Vialog Dashboard’s Statistics page.

Video Creators

Do video creators need to sign up?

Video creators do not need to sign up for an account to participate in video discussions. Anyone who can see an open discussion will be able to watch and participate with a camera enabled device. Only Community Managers need to create a Vialog account to moderate, manage and publish the submitted videos in seconds while ensuring content quality and coherency in line with our Terms of Service.

How to fix if the recorder doesn't load?

Make sure to visit your website from your default browser. Sometimes you may open Vialog enabled websites from mobile apps like Messenger or Skype and those platforms do not enable camera access by design.

On many Windows setups for example, only one application can use the camera at once. Your camera may be disabled or disconnected — please try reconnecting your camera to your laptop. If your camera is connected and your device seems to recognise it, then please make sure that no other websites or local applications are using the camera actively. When no other apps are using your camera, refresh our page and now the recorder should work. Read more about Microphone & Camera Permission Support.

If these tips doesn't work, please visit the site from another browser or device or contact us for Debugging. We work towards full accessibility of our service.

How does this work on mobile?

A similar experience and the same features are provided on mobile devices. The recording flow is a little bit different for each mobile, because of their support for camera and microphone access. But everyone can go through to record a video with the same characteristics (time length, aspect ratio) while each platform is unavoidably a little bit differently flavoured. This is how Vialog ensures that your video dialogues work on all browsers and devices.

How is my email address stored?

Given that you decide to leave your email address after submitting a video, you will be notified of new videos added to that discussion (you can unsubscribe anytime). The email address will only be shared with the host of the discussion if you have explicitly gave us that right with an additional action. All communication with Vialog servers are going through HTTPS which makes it impossible for third parties to access this information. Read more about this in our Terms.

Video Viewers

Do I need an account to watch videos?

Anyone can watch Vialog videos from any browser or device.

How can I report a content?

If you find any problematic video content on one of our Community Managers' discussion, you can let us know by using the 🏴 Flag icon on top of the problematic video. Help us keep video discussions safe for everyone.

Need more help?

Feel free to contact us, we are here to discuss.

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